Image showing a person using virtual reality. He is sitting on a chair and sees an airplane, presumably through the use of the virtual reality headset he is wearing.
Image showing a person using virtual reality trough witch he can see a plane - image represents pilot program

Welcome to our

Pilot Program

You can sign up below and also see how the entire process will work.

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The information collected here will only be used for our pilot program. You may also receive updates by email along with our newsletter containing the latest development in the world of mental health as well as the state of our project.

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Simple step

The entire process can be completed as you sign up by completing the form on the left, you don't need to do anything else. After the period of the pilot program ends, there will be a selection of 30 random applicants who will receive our virtual reality kit by post along with instructions on how to download and use our dedicated mobile phone app. More concrete information will be sent to you by email once the pilot program ends. Note that signing up for our pilot program is completely free.

Neurotops logofloating virtual reality headset
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